Perfect Fit

Nickson shirts focus on producing the finest and perfectly fitting men’s shirts. Our shirts always come in a wider range of 0.25 inch neck sizes and more than twice the size range of a standard shirt. Our aim is to help you to find that perfect fit for men’s shirts you’ve been looking for, with new styles to suit. Additionally, we exclusively use luxurious 100% cotton and Quick Iron fabrics. Thus the result is a high-quality shirt that finally fits better. Check our sizing page to find your fit and for more detail on our shirts.

Luxurious 100% Cotton

We use only the most luxurious 100% cotton for our shirts. The cotton is naturally breathable and the best at regulating your body temperature, making our shirts an excellent choice for your year-round wardrobe. Due to the quality of the cotton, there is significant reduction drying time coupled with lighter fabric that’s kinder to your skin.

Quick Iron Fabrics

We do not offer what our competitors would call non-iron but what we do offer is more descriptive and honest – Quick Iron Shirts. The key qualities and differences of the Quick Iron Shirts are below:

  • Quick Iron fabric is meant to be ironed but will take you significantly less time
  • The structure of the fabric also means it dries quicker from the washing machine than other comparable brands
  • The chemicals used to treat the fabric are slightly different

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