5 Great Men’s Watch Styles To Go With Your Dress Shirt

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Men’s watch styles have always been important for decades. If chosen well, most men will be able to own just one high quality watch that will last for years. While trends come and go on the high street, the classiest of watches have remained pretty constant for years, save for the emergence of the smart watch (more on that in a sec).

Here, we’ll take you through five timeless styles of watch for dress shirts (not literally) which will go with just about any look, whether you’re on holiday or in a high-stakes conference. 

1. Smart Watch

Let’s start with the new kid on the block, the smart watch. They may have raised some eyebrows when they hit the market, but the sheer practicality—and improving aesthetics—of smart watches have driven up their popularity.

Apple Watches, Fitbits and their ilk now come in most shapes and sizes, with some of them disguised as classic, “old school” watches like the Samsung Galaxy Watch3 Titanium.

There was a time not too long ago when such a techy-looking watch wouldn’t have suited a smart dress code, but those times are fading.

Thanks to the rise of business casual wear from Silicon Valley, smart watches now look the part at the office and are included with the more classic men’s watch styles. We still wouldn’t recommend wearing one to your own wedding, but who knows? Maybe that’ll catch on too.

2. Leather Band x Round Face Watch

Classic, inoffensive, and refined. A leather watch strap adds a huge touch of taste and class without the bling. Paired with a kindly round face, they’re versatile, comfortable and should last for years.

There are just far too many brands and models to choose between here, with prices ranging from £40 to well, as much as you could imagine.

Given the choice, we’d be splashing out around £1,000 on the sublime Junghan’s Meister. On the other side of the spectrum, Timex has a nifty Easy Reader for under £50, while Brathwait offers some superb minimalist renditions in the £100 region.

3. Leather Band x Square Face Watch

The square (rectangular, in truth) watch face is a real throwback to the 1980s and early 1990s. There’s something a little formidable about this style of watch. It commands respect and is easy to visualise as part of a discerning office outfit.

But these days they often feature in more casual outfits too, as they add a strong dash of power to the most leisurely of looks.

The quintessential style of square face watch is by Seiko, retailing at £150. An article on watches wouldn’t be complete however, without a nod of the head to TAG Heuer, whose Monaco model is also a fantastic, but expensive choice at £1,750.

4. Stainless Steel Band Watch

Stainless steel watches look at their best with a button-down dress shirt or as part of a suit. However, given their durability, they’ve transcended business wear and are now seen with any kind of outfit.

There’s an almost unlimited array of choices here, so let’s narrow it down to three. On the friendly side of £150, you’d do well to choose a Casio Edifice or this beauty from Skagen with its stainless-steel mesh strap. If you’re looking to spend big, the Rolex Oyster Perpetual 34 retails for around £4,000.

5. Digital Watch

Digital watches are simultaneously seriously cool and seriously uncool. It just depends on the model and the occasion. Some are bulky and dominant, and that’s fine, but they’re more suited to hiking in the mountains than being paired with trousers and a button down for work. But there are plenty of handsome and versatile digital watches, which toe the line between techy and refined.

The Braun BN0159 Classic is a perfect candidate. It’s affordable at around £100 and will look great with anything from suits to shorts.

If you want to stand out a little, the retro Casio A168WA-1YES is an absolute winner. It’s ridiculously affordable at just £30, and is somehow contemporary, classic, slightly cumbersome and chic all at once.

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