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Nickson is a clothing brand specialising in men’s formal shirts born out of London (UK) since 2018. We are an e-commerce store only and are striving towards superior customer satisfaction. Our belief is that you can find more sizes for men’s formal shirts, in addition to understanding that customers want more variety. We think if you buy, then wear our formal shirts, you’ll leave with more knowledge about your fit than before.

We were created to solve the problem of finding a shirt to fit better, without paying too much. Most don’t need (or want) bespoke but can likely tell you what’s wrong with their current shirts. Many felt like they would fit better in-between off-the-peg sizes (“I’m kind of somewhere in the middle of a 16 and 15.5-inch collar, I think, but I like the price”.)

Excellent value was always a must but also the freedom to specify further on the fit was very important. Slowly it was discovered this was a common problem that people were experiencing. We have the vision of achieving that tough balance between quality and the fit – it is the reason we started.

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The Team

John Nicolaou


Claudio Chimienti


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