Cutaway Collar


  • Wide collar shape
  • Best suited for formal settings
  • Works well with or without a necktie
  • Pair with a Windsor knot when wearing a necktie
  • Available in various fabric styles here

The term “cutaway collar” is an internationally accepted style and refers to the way that the tips of the collar are “cutaway” to the sides. Some designs vary in how extreme the tips cutaway towards the back of the neck, for example there can be names such as the “semi-cutaway”, “full cutaway” or “extreme cutaway” for formal shirts.

The tips usually are pulled back enough to be able to view the necktie knot. It is seen more frequently in Europe, with or without a necktie. It tends to be a popular collar to pair with a thickly padded and wide necktie, which are then therefore fully displayed in the large gap in between the collar tips.

You can view our Cutaway Collar shirts here and further posts below:

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