Top 6 Father’s Day Gifts in June 2020

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With the need for Father’s Day gifts fast approaching here in the UK, it’s time to start thinking about that perfect gift you know he’ll truly love. The big problem is… you probably don’t know!

Fathers are notoriously hard to buy for, and we suspect would be just as happy with a pair of new slippers or a ‘World Greatest Dad’ mug. But this year, why not go a step further and get him something he can use daily? All our suggestions are simple, affordable, and focused on the professional side of your dad.

Nickson Shirts presents the top 6 Father’s Day gifts in 2020.

Number #1: A Luxury Shirt

A shirt probably isn’t something you’d think of for a Father’s Day gift, but what a great gift it is! Most men wear a shirt at some point, so a high-quality shirt would be a perfect wardrobe filler whether it’s worn daily, weekly or yearly!

At Nickson we offer a wide variety of formal shirts (all made with 100% cotton) and made to find the best fit as possible. Our neck sizes increase by 0.25 inches instead of the standard 0.5, so a terrific fit is our utmost priority.

If you’re unsure about shirt sizing, we have recently published an in-depth guide on how to find the fit of a shirt, so check that out if you’re unsure.

When putting an outfit together, a shirt should be the main item along with the jacket and trousers, so a simple blue or white shirt would be the perfect base.

Number #2: A Pair of Cufflinks

Combining nicely with a shirt, a good pair of cufflinks can really bring an outfit together and add that something extra. With the ability to add style and a spark of formality compared to buttons, cufflinks could be that “diamond in the rough” gift you’ve been looking for.

With a variety of styles and colours available, cufflinks have the ability to go with any outfit or even save for a special occasion.

Pairing cufflinks with an outfit is a lot easier than a tie, for example. They don’t really have to be paired with anything due to their size. They’re sometimes matched with tie bars, but generally, any colour and style is a go-er.

Number #3: Dress Shoes

A high-quality pair of formal shoes (preferably black or brown) would go with most people’s wardrobe. Many people nowadays tend to opt for cheaper dress shoes they might use once or twice, but if buying quality there’s no reason shoes can’t last many years.

Have a look at the condition of your dad’s current shoes and the colours he normally wears and decide whether shoes would be a good option.

Brogues or loafers would both be a good choice and be a great addition to any sophisticated outfit. Generally formal shoes should match belt colour; therefore, you could always gift along with a matching belt to really impress.

Number #4: A Tie

A tie isn’t necessarily the first accessory gift you’d think of. You can usually afford to opt for something more “out there” with a tie, choosing a brighter colour in comparison to a darker suit and shoes. Always match a tie to the outfit, not the other way around.

With the majority of ties coming under one size fits all, the only sizing required is the width. It’s up to you to decide the pattern and colour to round off an outfit in style.

When choosing a tie for your dad, don’t worry too much about what clothing he already has, but instead choose something you think would suit him best and bring his personality out.

Number #5: Socks (Hear Us Out)

Socks. The bog standard gift for anyone to give and receive. But, the right pair of socks can be a game changer. Think of socks as another piece of an outfit (similar to cufflinks) which are so often overlooked.

Socks can bring colour and/or pattern which gives dress wear an edge, and brings attention to the whole outfit instead of just the upper half.

Cotton socks can also make formal shoes more comfortable, which can be especially important at all-day events such as weddings or conferences.

Patterns and ‘out there’ colours are great for socks, especially if you’re dad doesn’t normally wear bright colours.

Number #6: A Matching Belt

A belt, along with other accessories on our list, can be a great gift as it offers minimal sizing and will always be needed. Similar to a tie, belts should match an outfit, not an outfit matching a tie. It’s common to also match with formal shoes.

A belt is usually the last thing put on, and in line with that, is used to complete an outfit. Belts come in a variety of colours, but we would recommend black or brown if you’re unsure.

The great thing about belts as a gift is they almost always get better (looks and performance wise) with age … so for an easy, affordable gift that will last, you can’t go wrong with a belt.

Which Father’s Day Gifts or Gift Will You Choose?

Dads are notoriously after a quiet life, so regardless of which gift you choose, just try and make the day special.

But one thing’s for sure… if you think outside the box and go for something he can use daily you’re onto a winner.

Shirts and shoes are perfect if you know sizing. If not, some accessories which would be a great addition to any dress outfit include:

  • cufflinks
  • socks
  • a tie
  • or belt

Regardless of what you choose, choose something which you think suits your dad best. 

  • Is his shirt looking a little off white? 
  • Has he lost his pair of cufflinks? 
  • Does his belt look a little worn?

Feeling inspired now and looking for a new shirt?

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