The Fit Of Your Shirt Explained

Formal Shirt with measuring tape and cloth bag. Regular Fit Vs Slim Fit Vs Tailored Fit Shirts.


Regular Fit Vs Slim Fit Vs Tailored Fit Shirts – the fit can make or break the look and comfort of your shirt, so it’s important to know the difference between the three most popular shirt types; regular, slim, and tailored.

In this article we’ll go through the differences between all three so you can make the best choice possible. At Nickson we offer the ever-popular slim fitting shirt, as well as a regular fit for a more conventional and looser fitting look. Read our sizing guide for more specific sizing information.

Regular Fit Shirt

The Regular fit is perfect for larger guys, or those who want more room to breathe. Regular doesn’t mean the shirt won’t compliment and fit your body, but merely gives more room to move compared to a slim or fitted shirt.

High quality regular shirts will still be somewhat tailored and be more generous, but don’t confuse them with a relaxed fitted shirt.

A more classic look, the regular fit is perfect for all age groups but leans more towards the muscley or naturally bigger, as other options might be a little too tight. A regular shirt also shouldn’t overhang when tucked in giving a “muffin” like look, and also shouldn’t feel too tight around the torso with stretching of buttons.


Nickson offers a variety of regular fitted shirts all made with 100% cotton and quick iron fabrics.

Slim Fit Shirt

Slim fit shirts have really grown in popularity over the past decade and tend to be more popular than regular shirts for a lot of brands. They are, as the name suggests, designed to be slim fitting.

Slim fit shirts are designed for a thinner build and offer a tapered torso which flows with the body, compared to the straighter line of a regular shirt. To coincide with a smaller torso size, slim fit shirts also tend to have tighter cuffs.

If your shirts overhang your belt the torso may be too wide, therefore slim fit shirts could be ideal. However, slim fits shirts also shouldn’t feel too tight and cause buttons and fabric to stretch. This can sometimes be the case for the more muscular where the chest offers less give due to the tapered fit.


Nickson offers a variety of slim fitted shirts all made with 100% cotton and quick iron fabrics.

Tailored Fit Shirt

Tailored fit shirts are very similar to slim fit shirts but offer a few crucial differences. Firstly, tailored fit shirts are slightly more tapered than slim, and are designed to curve towards the waist. They are designed to have more in common with that a tailor would fit, hence the name.

The flip side of offering a tailored fit is that they aren’t specifically measured for one specific person, therefore will always offer some degree of mismeasurement.

Secondly, the waist, chest and arms are all slightly tighter than they would be on slim, therefore aren’t particularly forgiving for the majority of people with larger or more athletic/muscular frames.

The terms slim fit and a tailored fit shirt also tend to be interchangeable for some brands, so make sure you know exactly which fit you’re buying beforehand.

Which Shirt Fit is Best? (Regular vs Slim vs Tailored Fit)

The best place to start when deciding which shirt fit is best for you, is to accurately measure yourself. The four main measurements you’ll need are: 

  • collar width
  • sleeve length
  • waist
  • and chest

Use the Nickson sizing guide and compare your own measurements to our fit to find the best fit possible.

All our shirts increase by 0.25 inches in collar width compared to the standard 0.5 inches. This allows us to offer more size ranges and an even better fit.

In summary:

Regular: The most forgiving, but also should offer a somewhat complementary fit.

Slim: Generally, the most popular. Slim fit offers a “slimming look” and are designed to taper down the torso with tighter cuffs.  

Tailored Fit: Designed to mimic a real tailor and offers the tightest fit. As a result, fitted shirts aren’t suitable for bigger or more athletic body types.

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