What To Wear When Getting Married Abroad

Man getting married abroad light summer wedding suit and light blue striped dress shirt.

If you’re getting married abroad, wedding suits may require a little extra thought and consideration. It’s the biggest day of your life so far, and you want to look amazing. You’ll also want to fit the setting and complement your other half (but not outshine them). But on top of that, you’ll want to wear something at your wedding abroad that you can comfortably wear all day long.

Here are a few things you should consider ahead of a wedding abroad and the suit you’ll wear:

Going abroad with your wedding suit: Formal Dress or Classic Suit?

If you’re looking to get married abroad, your suit will most likely be a little less formal than the traditional morning dress and tailcoats. In the UK, this super formal style of wedding has been on the wane for a few decades. 

But for a modern wedding, particularly when celebrated abroad, wedding suits tend to be a sharp, classic three-piece suit. Single breasted, three buttons, double vents on the back are a hard option to beat. You could plump for a double-breasted jacket, but it’s a good deal more formal — more suitable for urban weddings than beach or countryside ones. 

However, if you are marrying somewhere that’s very warm abroad, wedding suits may be more comfortable as a more relaxed two-piece. It’s nowhere near as formal as what you might wear at home, but remember, comfort is key. 

Colour Theme For Weddings

Many weddings nowadays have a colour theme, so make sure to consult with your partner before dashing off abroad with a wedding suit in the wrong colour! The colour theme of your wedding, if there is one, will also largely be dictated by the location of the wedding…

Location & Climate For Weddings

The destination of your wedding will have a bearing not just on the weight and fabric of your suit (more on that below), but also the colour. If it’s an outdoor or beach wedding in a warm climate, you may look great in lighter colours, such as off-white, light grey, or light blue.  

But for an urban setting, even in a warm country abroad, wedding suits look best when they’re a little darker. Think about charcoal grey through to midnight blue or black.

Then there’s the countryside wedding. It gets overlooked sometimes, but in the past few years there has been a groundswell of weddings where earthy colours and tweeds are the preference. Here, olive greens, various shades of brown and even burnt oranges can all look great. 

Finally, there’s the fabric and weight of the suit to think about. If you are getting married somewhere a little bit cooler, consider a heavier and darker suit. 100% wool suits and wool blends are great choices here as they’re a touch heavier and warmer. 

Conversely, if you’re heading off to a hot country for your wedding, you’ll really want to wear a suit in a lighter, more breathable fabric that will keep you cool and comfortable all day long. A lightweight wool, linen blend or a cotton suit are great options here. 

The Wedding Shirt

Never underestimate the importance of the shirt when thinking about a suit for your wedding abroad. First and foremost, it’s the first layer above your skin so it contributes greatly to your comfort (or can detract from it). Secondly, the right shirt can set your suit off just perfectly. Essentially, the shirt is the thing that brings all the other elements of your suit together, underpinning your whole look. 

No matter the location of your wedding, wedding suits usually look best with a solid white shirt. Of course, if you’re wearing a white or off-white suit, you might want to consider a lighter blue. Otherwise, white is a winner. 

If your partner is wearing a white wedding dress, it’ll draw a nice parallel. 

As for the material of your shirt you should go for 100% Cotton, particularly if you’re getting married abroad. 

The reason for this is not just that it’s soft and luxurious, but it’s also extremely practical. You see, cotton is very breathable, comfortable and heat regulating. We wrote about this in more detail in another article, but the really great thing about cotton is that it’s both cooling and warming. The breathable fibres create a thin layer of air between your skin and the fabric of the shirt. This allows both insulation and ventilation. This breathability also makes it more comfortable, as the fabric doesn’t cling to or chafe the skin. And, even if you are prone to perspiration, cotton can also absorb moisture from your skin. All while remaining crisp and dry itself. 

In summary:

When going to a wedding abroad, you may have to adapt your style to fit the climate and setting.

For urban weddings overseas, stick to medium – darker tones. Wear a lighter fabric in a warmer climate to stay cool and comfortable. 

For countryside weddings, feel free to branch out to earth tones and even country and tweeds. Olive green, burnt orange, and brown can all look great in this setting. 

For a tropical, beach or coastal when getting married abroad, you’ll want to wear something made in a lightweight fabric, while the brighter weather will allow you to wear much lighter tones. 

No matter the climate or location, it’s hard to go wrong in a 100% cotton, plain white formal shirt. It’ll keep you cool, or warm if necessary, and will stay dry and comfortable all day long. 

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